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6 votes
1 answer

(Close) votes not really checked before?

It happens really often that questions are closed because broadness/unclarity, but its not correct in many cases ... example ... Q: Why this question should be closed Another example from last ...
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Discussion : Low quality answers?

I have seen a lot of post (Well, it's 3 only) being flagged particularly of following user ; @alexey boltynov ( The answer he gives may ...
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12 votes
2 answers

How can we motivate 3k+ users to do reviews?

It has been a little while since our site had been promoted with a new design and thresholds for privileges have been raised alongside. Now what I have seen is that the "Close votes" review queue has ...
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4 votes
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Cannot vote on closing questions anymore until 3k rep

Has something happened to our Magento SE? Is anything done to the voting reputation limit while the site is piloting in this in between beta/out-of-beta state? I have just over 2k rep and highly ...
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