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What to do with questions where dev/user posts (or seem to post) requirements instead of question

I have seen many questions (specially here in Magento SE) that seem that user has not put any effort in the question itself and just posted the requirements from the project/ assigned task here. What ...
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1 answer

Is this edit allowed/can I appeal against it? Can someone rollback my edit then make the same edits as me?

Okay so I've screenshotted here this dude essentially read that I had edited his post, took the best bits of my clear and objectively better improvement (but John why ...
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3 answers

how to avoid approved answers with objectManager examples at earliest stage in M2 Stack

I found that lot of earlier answers were using simple objectManager for class instantiation in Magento 2. The results, lot of people are directly using/implementing those answers in their custom ...
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