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Rohan Patil
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FULL STACK software development with a strong focus on creativity, problems solving and continuous learning

Mostly involved with the client intractions / 3rd party integrations / coding / support / managing servers / hosting / DBM / hands on with different MVC patterns / converting business functionality & logic into reality / UI on intermediate level / building & consuming APIs / handling CR / consulting on web hosting transfer and take overs

Specialties - Magento customization and development, creating Magento extension, different payment gateway development and configuration, 3rd party integrations, courier integrations, PHP ZeroPoint framework, Adobe AIR, jQuery mobile and live site R&D, support and maintenance, client interaction process etc.

  • Creating user-friendly back-end management systems including content management, e-commerce, customer relations and communication interfaces using Web services like SOAP / REST

  • Hands on experience on Cloud stuff like Amazon Web Services (AWS), cPanel

  • Good command on Linux servers migration/configuration stuff

  • The projects based on Magento in conjunction with various other web development technologies. JavaScript/jQuery (generic JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX), customizing jQuery plugins, jQuery Mobile, Adobe AIR, PHP (pure PHP, PHP with OOP, PHP with frameworks, zend framework), SQL (generic SQL, MySQL, AWS RDS, ORM) in various projects and individuals

  • Hands-on experience on Shopify, WordPress & Joomla

  • Media Queries, Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3 with making responsive sites

  • Managing sensitive live servers by SFTP, FTP & SSH, configuring and SSL certificates setup etc

  • Hands-on working with SEO tools and related coding stuff like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google search console, Google My Business, Facebook pixel, Facebook product feed and many more

  • Good command on SVN, operating systems (Linux, Windows, Ubuntu) and reporting/tracking tools like Redmine, JIRA

  • Manage CR's and business analysis

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