Bryan Ruiz

I am a experienced Managing Certified Full Stack PHP / Magento 1.x Developer who recently sold my startup and is interested in new opportunities. I have strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to flow with the needs of others and the organization in a "water" like fashion. Charismatic but simple in approach, I inspire others to reach their full potential through actions, not words.

Non-attachment... Enlightenment... The Way (Dao)... ...whatever you want to call it; I have although found it. I have a very rare and special (although absolutely inherent) insight into the human condition that makes me a particularly qualified manager and team lead. I lead from behind, so people do not feel opposed. I lead by allowing things to go their own way, and remaining in the center like the hole of a wheel that holds all the spokes together. It is particularly my emptiness that makes me so useful for others. It is by acting on non-action that my emptiness is achieved, so that I remain present and fully aware for others. And from this awareness (and not Machiavellian approaches to leadership) comes results for your organization along with nourishment for the people of your organization.

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