I blocked "Magneto" on the site to prevent a common misspelling. On further consideration, this should be a warning instead. Afterall, I can easily imagine an X-Men fan wanting to write about their favorite villian in their "About Me" section. Or, they might want to use that string as their username. So you should be able to save your changes now. And ...


You have this in the About Me section: Can work on the Theme customization & Implementation and extension customization on Magneto 1 &2 You added that back when the system didn't check for it yet, but now it does and block it with a humorous message, probably after countless users made that mistake. Change the "Magneto" to "Magento" and all ...


One account was blocked because of abusing the voting system. (I know this, b/c I put this under investigation) Why should anybody help now?

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