This has been a long time coming. Thanks for making such an amazing place for us to hang out. Magento brand team is eager to get involved. In the past I believe that eBay Enterprise's creative team has said they'd help. Hip-hip-hooray!


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Thank you all for the warm welcome and the support. And thanks to Tim for nominating me for moderator and specially for all the hard work he has put into keeping this website clean until now. And good luck in your next project. I hope I can fill his shoes or at least come close.


This is a great news... Thanks everyone who made this really possible.. We together worked for this a lot. Finally it paid off.. First of all, Thanks to Marius, the great teacher. His work in this site is unimaginable. As a member and moderator of this site, he is always close to us and is directing us in the right way. Second Kudos goes to #MageStackDay....


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Just flag one of the posts of the one of those "couple of people" and explain what the problem is, and what you suspect.


Congrats Marius :) Nobody deserves it more... nicely done. Now if we could get all three of the pro tems actually moderating on a regular basis we'd be GOLD :)


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I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think that the documentation feature is available only for the mothership website. I randomly clicked on a few websites in here and none of them have this feature. My bet (read hope) is that when this feature gets out of beta it will be available for some websites in the SE network. But to answer your question, no, nobody ...


As mentioned here : https://magento.stackexchange.com/election?cb=1 Every election has three phases: Nomination Primary Election once Nomination completed , than you can see an option to vote....


Sorry, have been away for a full month :D The Documentation site is a separate site within the StackExchange network and is not only a sub-site for StackOverflow (although it is located there). It can facilitate documentation on all kinds of topics (as you can see) from big names like PHP/.NET/SQL/Java to "never-heard-of-it" stuff like Jekyll/lodash/zeromq. ...


congratulations marius! You deserved it. You have saved me more than once with magento issues. Congrats and Thanks once again.


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