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Update: Thanks everyone for your participation! Please follow this link for the recap: MageStackDay recap I will sum up all arising questions here. Updates to come. Is there any personal interactions possible (via skype or whatever)? We will have some online sessions on Skype/Google Hangout/Slack/whatever. More information to come. What about people ...


/me says Aye! /me needs more then 30 characters for an answer /me steals all your upvotes, because its easier to upvote me then to write an own answer or comment


Yes we opted this year


During the tea time, I think about this event. For the great success of this event I have some suggestions to put forward. I don't know how much of this possible, but it may make much difference if we care about this aspects. In order to make this event a great success, we need to spread this news ASAP. We all need to take this as our own responsibility. I ...


Sure...more useless free incentives. I voted for Flyingmana's answer and written my own, just to show I'm not lazy.


264 Questions answered! With the help of over 60 participants we answered 264 questions and earned 212 badges, giving out 573 votes. And that's something to be really proud of. It's a real community effort. Thanks to everyone who participated and supported MageStackDay #5! Check out these pages for more information:


I just wanted to add to this, every member on here can help generate awareness to the cause, to both people to participate and for users of the site to appreciate that answers need to be marked as accepted. To do my bit, I've changed my profile to support the cause, I think others in turn should follow suit, Change your username to MageStackDay Needs You .....


The signup form for MageStackday IV is online! Please register here if you are going to take part: MageStackday IV signup form Looking forward to your participation :-)

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