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Why should my question be closed?

Why my question was closed? I have found same question on Magento Stack exchange. If My Question Closed Then Also this Question Should be closed. This is Very Biased Things in this community. Other ...
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Synonym request: 3rd-party-modules => extensions (mod action required)

The tag extensions already has a synonym third-party-module and I tried to add 3rd-party-modules as well. Unfortunately this results in an error message: Version specific synonyms can only be ...
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Why my answer Is deleted?

On 2nd march I have given one answer SQl is not working? and that answer is accepted and has 3 upvotes. My question is that if that answer solved OP problem and accepted then Why My answer is ...
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Reviewers: Please stop pressing "Looks OK" when it's not

I have flagged several non-answers using the Not an Answer flag. They are disputed because some (often the same) reviewers are selecting "Looks OK" in review: https://magento.stackexchange....
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Support : How can I investigate site analytics?

Is it possible to know site analytics such as percentage of unanswered questions, percentage of accepted answers, etc?
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incomplete merge of accounts

In my profile there are two accounts for Magento, though both redirects to same profile on desktop version but I am unable to view my profile in Stackexchange mobile App. This two exist from a long ...
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Is updating an Answer problematic when it reflects changes in time?

I just updated an answer suggesting an extension of a question that was looking for a how-to. The extension moved from Magento-Hackathon to Firegento, the official page shows this with no doubt and ...
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Reopening Which patches do I need to apply on Magento

First of all, i would like say sorry for put this question Which patches do I need to apply on Magento as duplicate of my question what are the sequence of mutliple patches apply on magento ...
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https on magento Stackexchange broken

I noticed https on the magento Stackexchange shows a warning about unsecure connections. Reason seem to be http gravatar images. the mata site is not even possible to access via https. It is not ...
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Where can I post questions regarding general updates on Magento

I wanted to know if there is "Apply Pay" payment method for Magento Enterprise edition yet. Where can I post such type of discussion questions.
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Off topic closing reasons

I'm just curious to why, when closing a question, for some of them I see the reason "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network" and for other questions it doesn't. Here is ...
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answer not deleted

In below post answer is converted in comment, but answer is not deleted please check and take necessary action Magento 2.2 How to show out of stock in configurable product
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