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Reviewers: Please stop pressing "Looks OK" when it's not

I have flagged several non-answers using the Not an Answer flag. They are disputed because some (often the same) reviewers are selecting "Looks OK" in review: https://magento.stackexchange....
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1 answer

How can I contact moderator?

How can I contact moderator personally. I want to tell him personally because I have doubt on couple of people, and I think they are playing upvote - upvote . So I want moderator attention on those ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to flag pointless edits

Is it possible to flag or report useless edits made by users who obviously take advantage of +2pts per edit? I saw this user 'exhibit' this behavior and checked the edits. They don't provide any ...
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Do We Really Need Third Party Extension Related Tags?

We have some third party related to tags in our systems. Some examples are below: ecomdev-phpunit fooman-extensionfishpigfiregentoultimate-module-creatoraheadworks-ajaxcartproavs-fastsimpleimport ...
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Automatically changed Profile pic and decreased points

Today I just logged to and shocked to see that my Profile Pic is changed and Reputation point is decreased (-125), saying −xx User was removed Can any one say OR explain, ...
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7 answers

List of standard comments for review

When reviewing questions by new users, I often find myself commenting roughly the same again and again. In spirit of the Repository of useful pro-forma comments I would like to collect a list of ...
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2 answers

Why Bounty reputation not Refunded if there is no answer?

I have set bounty on this Question. Mangento2 : Use default loader for all process But I didn't get any helpful answer(even a answer with up-vote). So I lost 50 reputation without any help
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1 answer

How to manage new users?

Some people create accounts in StackExchange just to put a single question and finally when they get the answer just leave the site at-least without accepting the answer as correct one. This won't ...
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Please update the FAQ to reflect soft questions are OK

There was a fair amount of contention about Onepage checkout, or not Onepage checkout, and it seems to be considered a valid question. The contention may largely have been over confusion about the FAQ,...
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Regrading 2018 Community Moderator Election [closed]

How will others vote for moderators who stands for election recently ?
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2 answers

Serial Downvoting

Just like the Serial Upvoting mentioned here, I am facing serial downvoting on my questions and answers these days. I don't know who is doing this but I have noticed some suspicious activity. For ...
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