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Users are spamming the site with ChatGPT questions and answers

Here's a question written by user Madhankumar V: Role and necessity of Redis, Varnish, and Elasticsearch in Magento 2: Local environment or server? The answer by user Madhan V is blatantly copied and ...
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User posts link to related commercial extension in every answer, but also gives halfway useful information. What to do?

I found this user who puts a link to a commercial extension in all answers which is obviously advertising. The extension probably even solves the issues, but an answer that only exists to promote a ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Automatic spam detector?

I'm seeing more and more 1 reputation user creating high quality spam referring to . Is there any way we can have something like an automatic spam detector based on the content of the ...
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High quality "self promotion" allowable?

Today I am seeing a lot of Late Answers coming in for review, all from the same user and referencing articles on Usually those answers are very short and tell me to read ...
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7 votes
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Extension companies spamming answers

Recently I see a lot off Low Quality and First Post reviews coming in where a certain company is clearly spamming for their extensions. The posts are well targeted (the extension would probably solve ...
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How can we restrict module developers advertising in Magento SE?

I came across few situations in recent days some module developers digging in old questions or the questions which are related to their developed module and using comments and answers to advertise ...
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User posting possible spam

I have noticed the user James Harvey appears to be going through all old migration questions and posting single link answers to extensions.
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7 votes
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Is posting your personal information and asking for job in reply to the question allowed?

I noticed some of the answers, where it were not actually answers but was something like I can do this job for you. Contact me as [email protected] etc. Should this be allowed on Stack Exchange? ...
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How can we avoid spam on

I know that since this is a community driven website not all community members will have the common sense of respecting the rules of posting questions and mostly answers on this website. Specially ...
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