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What is the difference between the [debug] and [debugging] tags?

The Magento.SE site has these two tags: debug debugging Neither have usage guidance. Is there a difference between the two? If so, let me know what the differences are and I'll add it to the usage ...
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Magento 2 EE rebrands to Magento Commerce. Tag rename?

At Magento Live UK, a rebranding has been announced: for Magento 2 there will be no more Magento Enterprise Edition, it's just Magento Commerce (likewise, Magento Community Edition becomes Magento ...
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Magento 2 questions tagged beta, alpha, pre-alpha etc. - quo vadis?

There are lots of Magento 2 questions from the pre-release era and I was wondering what to do with them. Many technical details have changed since then and nobody uses these versions anymore, so the ...
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ReTagging Questions

I have a few questions regarding changing tags from "magento-1.7" to "ce-" Should we always do it for new questions? - I guess the answer here is yes, Should we do it for old questions or at ...