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Reviewers: Please stop pressing "Looks OK" when it's not

I have flagged several non-answers using the Not an Answer flag. They are disputed because some (often the same) reviewers are selecting "Looks OK" in review: https://magento.stackexchange....
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11 votes
1 answer

What should I flag and what I shouldn't flag

I'm writing this post because lately I've been declining a lot of flags from different people and maybe this website needs a better explanation of what should be flagged or not. The other purpose of ...
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Flagging comments

I'm writing this as a notice to the person(s) that lately started flagging as obsolete a lot of comments that request the OP to mark an answers as accepted. Please stop that. Those comments are not ...
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Valid Flag disputed

I recently flag an answer as not an answer. I got surprise when it ended as disputed. It happened to me so many times that valid flag mark as disputed. What it does, it may remain the answer undeleted....
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