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#WhyMagento? - Here are the answers from the Community

As part of a Magento extension developer company (called, Prisync), I am getting more and more into the community every day, and as I engage with all the folks from all around the world, I hear common ...
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Shouldn't the questions about a third party plugin whose developer is an active member/moderator be allowed?

I recently asked a question regarding ULTIMATE MODULE CREATOR How to create a frontend form using Ultimate Module Creator. I am well aware regarding the guidelines of magento stackexchange, however ...
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Magmi off topic?

I want to know explicitly if questions that exist only within the scope of Magmi (such that they are only useful to users of Magmi) are off-topic, as a question I posted recently got put on hold as ...
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Extension Sub-Forum

Why don't we start a sub forum that is specifically for questions relating to magento extensions? Instead of closing questions on the main forum, etc.
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How can we restrict module developers advertising in Magento SE?

I came across few situations in recent days some module developers digging in old questions or the questions which are related to their developed module and using comments and answers to advertise ...
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