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why question is closed when it's already clear?

Magento:2.3.1 How to remove loader from checkout when changing payment method I want to remove loader once payment method change on checkout and it's so clear in question why it's closed then?
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Why should my question be closed?

Why my question was closed? I have found same question on Magento Stack exchange. If My Question Closed Then Also this Question Should be closed. This is Very Biased Things in this community. Other ...
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Processing for newbie asked a very simple question

If a newbie asked a very simple question, He tends to be blamed like this one I want to get data by the current URL, so I have set a post value, but it is set for all pages. The reason Questions ...
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"3rd Party" close reason text misleading?

I noticed it before, but now this user raised the issue explicitly, so we should react to it: Disable configurable product attribute value (radio button) if not available The question was closed as ...
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3 answers

What do we do with questions that ask for resources (tutorials, documentation)?

With the public release of Magento 2, questions like this come up more often again: Suggest me Magento2 Theme development best tutorial asking for external resources answers are likely to be "link ...
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What should I do when a question has been incorrectly marked as duplicate?

A question has been marked as duplicate saying it has already an answer on another question. However it does not and even if the question could sound similar, it is a totally different problem. I do ...
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5 votes
5 answers

Closing old, unanswered questions because they're old

So this pops up in the review queue: Layered navigation with 3-tier product structure It's a well-formed, well-considered question (esp. once OP responded to my request for clarification). It could ...
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Irrelevant close flags taking value away from the community

Today I asked the community for some recommendations on a product carousel extension. Product Carousel Extension Recommendation I also got the answer which I was looking for. The question was ...
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Questions which are too broad

It happens a few times in the past, that I just wrote an answer to a question which might be too broad, and when I was ready to post, the question was closed. I think many too broad questions can be ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Is posting your personal information and asking for job in reply to the question allowed?

I noticed some of the answers, where it were not actually answers but was something like I can do this job for you. Contact me as [email protected] etc. Should this be allowed on Stack Exchange? ...
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Off topic closing reasons

I'm just curious to why, when closing a question, for some of them I see the reason "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network" and for other questions it doesn't. Here is ...
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Closing Unhelpful Questions Which Have No Need of a Solution

The question was asked, the OP eventually came back in the comments and said "problem solved. It was one inappropriate order" IMO ...
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