This question got my eye How does getChildHtml() work and what does it do in Magento 2?

  1. Is this question is wrong Tag Added?
  2. Can a question be a duplicate with magento 1?
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Can a [Magento 2] question be a duplicate with magento 1?


But not this one.

In this particular example, I believe that the question is not a duplicate of the Magento 1 example, because the specific hierarchy and explanation for Magento 1 actually has little relevance to Magento 2 other than conceptually, because the platform has changed so much.

Yes - there are guaranteed to be some questions that have been answered for Magento 1 that Magento 2 equivalents can be closed as a duplicate of, for example something like "How to I change configuration value XYZ?", but this question in particular deserves a Magento 2 answer since the Magento 1 answer will:

  • Leave people confused when the file paths aren't the same
  • As above when the class hierarchy and names aren't the same
  • As above when subtle differences are introduced in Magento 2 and not Magento 1, but not covered by the answer (because it's not a Magento 2 answer!)
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Well I guess it a case by case situation.

I am the one who marked that question as duplicate because that method does exactly the same thing on Magento 2 and Magento 1, I don't see the point of answering the M2 question whereas the M1 question already has a good answer.

On top of that if you check the method, they are almost the same except the M2 version has been refactored a bit to match the new system.

However, I reckon maybe we should update the original M1 question and answer so it is clear that they apply for both M1 and M2.

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