There are lots of Magento 2 questions from the pre-release era and I was wondering what to do with them.

Many technical details have changed since then and nobody uses these versions anymore, so the tags have at most historical relevance.

So here's my proposal:

  • Re-tag questions where the answers are still valid in Magento 2.0 (remove the old version tag, add
  • close questions where the answers are only valid for pre-release versions. We did the same with Magento Go questions when the service was discontinued
  • additionally, if the question has high views, try to find one on the topic that's up to date and link it



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I've done my share on a few tags. I have also removed the tags from closed questions because if you are tagging your question and type "magento2-" you still see them appearing in the suggestions with a >0 count.

Only is still left with a large number of questions.

  • yes I've done some questions as well, I'll get back to it re: the dev-beta tag May 18, 2016 at 8:47

Great, approved by 2/3 mods.

So if anybody wants to actively help out, these are the tags that I could find:


Also, maybe we should create tag synonyms for those tags so no one use them in the future.

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