Hi, it's me, the tag janitor.

As the next MageStackDay is coming, I'd love to see a new section next to voting, answering and closing: tag cleanup.

IMHO the site has a problem with overspecific and redundant tags, so it's hard to find the "right" tags for a question and also hard to find questions to answer by tag (without following hundreds of useless tags).

So my proposal is to hunt down overspecific tags and create synonyms:

screenshot of synonyms suggestions

This way, these tags are still in the system and if somebody wants to use them, they automatically get changed to the master tag of the synonym.

What's overly specific?

The number of questions per tag is a good indicator, but should not be the only criterion because with Magento 2, new relevant tags are coming. Also some tags don't get many questions (ex. , 39 questions) but are still relevant and generic.

But tags that are in the system for several months and still only have a few questions and 0 followers are probably too specific.

Ask yourself: Would anybody consider themselves an expert in X and follow/fav the tag? Or is there a more generic tag where it fits in?

Too generic tags

Then there are other tags with many questions which are totally useless, because they are too generic, thus meaningless (ex. , 263 questions).

Same question: Would anybody consider themselves an expert in "custom"? Unfortunately, those cannot be solved with synonyms and need to be burninated, i.e. removed from the questions. It's common in other SE sites like StackOverflow but not yet on this one, but I hope, MageStackDay is a good chance to start.

Would anybody join me on this mission?

Critic and suggestions are welcome!

A little motivation: As a reward for accepted synonyms in your own tags, tag badges are waiting ;-)

  • ha ha A little motivation: is very good
    – Amit Bera Mod
    Jan 3, 2016 at 17:11

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Thanks a lot for bringing this up, Fabian!

We've included it in the Todo-List of the announcement of the upcoming MageStackDay: Register now for MageStackDay IV on January 15th & 16th 2016


Nice initiative Fabian!

I'll join you. Although I haven't got enough rep in almost all of the tags to propose tag synonyms or vote for them... I did come across a lot of duplicate tags (/, /), overly specific tags or too generic tags. Therefor I do want to join this discussion. And by "a new section next to voting, answering and closing" you probably mean to create a Tag channel on Slack?

Let's also try to set a standard for tag wiki's and try to provide one for all popular tags.


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