I want to post a question to get some expert feedback of community members.

It is related to comparison between Magento and one another e commerce platform.

Where should I ask this question or in which board as it will not be coding related question.


Magento StackExchange is not limited to questions about coding, but as you phrase it, it might be closed as "primary opinion based". Questions like "What is better, X or Y?" are not suited for the StackExchange Q&A format.

If you have a specific question that can be answered in an objective manner, go ahead and ask. If not, it might have a chance on Meta because the rules are not so strict here but even if it's not going to be closed, I don't expect it to be very well perceived.

For discussion and gathering opinions, try http://www.reddit.com/r/magento or the official Magento forums at http://community.magento.com/ instead.

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