One of the biggest problems with the Magento community is that i'm always being asked by clients about "what X plugin could you recommend" and "what are your thoughts on Y plugin" Yet I have absolutely no idea.

Also, I can't actually review the extensions code or the extension without purchasing it, and I am unable to write my own extensions because most companies don't want to pay a developer to write one.

So, I would like to ask the community of people for their recommendations of good (paid or otherwise) extensions. I've seen 5 star rated extensions from vendors such as Magestore (who are one of the worst developers I have ever had the displeasure of fixing their rubbish).

Since this is a more technical Q&A, how can these types of questions be structured or are they totally forbidden (since it's arguably opinion based)?


The question you are asking is one of the reasons why we had to rule out Stack as a permanent replacement or the Magento forums.

With the launch of the new forums you will notice that we have an Extension category with a "Find an extension that..." subforum which would probably be a good home for questions such as yours.

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