Login problems after update to Magento 1.8 are a common question

However, the best answer and the only one that shows the right that to solve it that I found, is in a question marked as duplicate:

Customer Cannot Login After an Update to EE (or CE

I voted to close a new question as duplicate of this one and not the original one. However, people who find it will probably follow the link to the first one with less-quality answers.

How to handle this? Is it possible to reopen the question and close the "original"? Or should the answer copied to the original?


IMO you should vote to reopen the question with the better answer and when that gets reopened vote to close the one with the "lower quality" answers.


What I remember there is a way to merge questions for such cases, but dont remember the exact circumstances for this. But as you can choose which gets marked as duplicated from what, i usually decide which has the more precise question.

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