Login problems after update to Magento 1.8 are a common question

However, the best answer and the only one that shows the right that to solve it that I found, is in a question marked as duplicate:

Customer Cannot Login After an Update to EE (or CE

I voted to close a new question as duplicate of this one and not the original one. However, people who find it will probably follow the link to the first one with less-quality answers.

How to handle this? Is it possible to reopen the question and close the "original"? Or should the answer copied to the original?

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IMO you should vote to reopen the question with the better answer and when that gets reopened vote to close the one with the "lower quality" answers.


What I remember there is a way to merge questions for such cases, but dont remember the exact circumstances for this. But as you can choose which gets marked as duplicated from what, i usually decide which has the more precise question.

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