I have asked a couple of questions on the magento.stackexchange.com site since I started developing a few custom modules for my site. Unfortunately, there haven't been many answers though, even though I strongly believe those questions are valid and somewhat well written (at least good enough to understand what I mean).
I have taken care that they're

  • not too long
  • always just about one question
  • well formatted
  • as specific as possible
  • whatever else I forgot.

Maybe someone would be kind enough to look at my profile (there are only 7 questions or so) and give me a hint. Are they too complicated? Am I doing something wrong? Is this happening by accident?

Any ideas are welcome.

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Your questions look pretty good. I'm a little busy these days with the M2 beta, but I'll look when I can. In the meantime I did try to give your questions a little more exposure.

  • wow, thanks :) glad my issues aren't unheard because my questions are crap or something
    – Yorrd
    Dec 17, 2014 at 14:04

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