What a great step. Thanks for @sanderMangel and @AnnaVölkl for this great initiative (if they are behind the curton). I really looking forward for this mega hackathon.

Come on.. Let us do this. :-)

However I need to know the plans for this hackathon.

How is this is going to manage ?

Is there any personal interactions possible (via skype or whatever) ?

This is important, since we can make this event to share our knowledge and grab new knowledge

What about people who cannot physically available in particular location (I am from india. I know I would be alone when participate in this event. :-( But having an online support is better right ?)

Do questions divide into different category so that people who are more interested to a particular category can answer that section ?

Is there any special plans to make this event a great success ?

I know lot of people would have other doubts too. Let us make this question to share those doubt and make a plan. I think 140 character limitation on twitter may break a useful communication.

Please share your thoughts and answer.



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