I am a user, in fact a great follower of magentostackexchange and magento section of statckoverflow. Some times when I see some questions, I love to know what would be it's answer. Suppose that I know a user who can answer that question or surely help to solve that question. Rather it may be a question which he may love to answer. In that case how can I notice him about that question ?

I asked this because, I mentioned a question to @marius once as a comment of one of his recent answers. But that would be strange move if I continue that method. That is because the question he answered would not have any relation with the question that I have mentioned. Hence it would be unfair I mentioned such comment in that context.

So what should I do if such situation arises again. I hope you understand my question. Please share your thoughts.

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I wouldn't answer in the comments of another question as it could be off-topic. I don't think many of the avid users here would mind being pinged on Twitter or social media. Most of them are active there.

The only problem I can see is getting tweets constantly to look at a particular question when I'm here multiple times a day every day answering already - I've probably seen all of the questions ever asked here to be honest.

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    Took the words right out of my mouth.
    – Marius Mod
    Aug 7, 2014 at 7:18

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