There are an alarming number of complaints spanning several years about robo-reviewing on this site.

I have have had a recommended closure flag declined on a blatantly off-topic question called 'What is the recommended NPK ratio for tomato plants?' because apparently the reviewers voted to leave it open from review. I don't know much about Magento but I know it has nothing to do with fertilizing tomato plants or whatever. I am not going to name specific users but I believe moderator intervention (warnings and/or review-only suspensions) should be taken to stop reviewers who consistently vote that blatant non-answers look OK or that blatantly off-topic questions should be left open. I am not sure if this site is eligible for review audits but I still believe blatantly and objectively bad reviewers should not just be left off the hook.

  • This is still happening... I'm still getting a couple of reviewers consistently reviewing incorrectly. Some review suspensions are in order. Commented Aug 29, 2023 at 19:48


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