A few years ago I noticed users making lots of minor edits to questions in order to gain reputation points on the Magento / Stack Exchange network. At the time, I posted a question about this: How do we prevent, discourage, or punish users for making pointless edits to questions?

Since then, not much has improved. I have still noticed users doing this "point farming" by making lots of tiny edits to questions in bulk.

Here's an example of a user who recently edited a question of mine with pointless changes such as replacing a minus character (-) with a dash (—):


I assume these people do this to gain more points and to also increase exposure of their user name when questions say "Edited by [User XXX]" below them.

I suggest we implement a feature allowing users to report pointless edits or report users for edit spam.

  • Those edits do have to go through the review queue and I think we should appeal to the reviewers to reject those edits.
    – Daniel
    Oct 4, 2021 at 9:17


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