not sure why my flag is marked as disputed for Magento 2 - How to add ajax tab on admin user edit page in admin section . Its not an answer but still my flag is marked as disputed.

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Rahul Makwana, Thanks for raising the concern about the flag.

The answer is not an answer, So right now I am deleting.

Your flag is disputed by Community user means which is a background process.


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The flag was disputed because the community has a mixed feeling about the post.

From the review, 1 "Recommend Deletion", but 2 "Looks OK". Thus, the consensus was that the post deemed "OK" even though it was flagged as "Not an Answer".

From What is a disputed flag?,

Currently, the following scenarios result in a flag being disputed:

  • [...]
  • A "not an answer" or "very low quality" flag kicks the post into the Low Quality Posts review queue but the final result of the review was "Looks OK".
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