I have recently checked some of the low-quality answer review applied to question.

It happened to me two times. Recently I have checked it happened @sv3n also.

”Undefined offset: 4” when reindexing “Search indexer”

Any idea on this?

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That's caused by an answer that was converted into the comment by a mod.

The most plausible chronology:

  1. Simonk (a new user with only 1 rep who cannot post a comment) posted an answer

    Got the same problem... Anyone have a solution?

  2. Alexey Giryayev commented on the answer

    What was the name on your extension?

  3. Meanwhile, the answer got flagged (either manually/automatically) as "Not an answer"/"Very low quality post" and entered "Low Quality Post Review" queue

  4. From the review, sv3n recommended a deletion with the standard "I’m having this problem, too" reason.

  5. Before reaching the consensus, a mod converted the post into a comment on the question. Because of that, the underlying comments were also migrated to the question.

  • That said, I flagged sv3n's comment as "no longer needed", so if the review comment is no longer there, don't be confused :)
    – Andrew T.
    Nov 23, 2018 at 7:26
  • Thanks for providing detail. Dec 19, 2018 at 17:11

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