How difficult will it be to add Magento to the dictionary on this platform? It feels awkward and really bad to realise the spelling checker here does not recognise Magento as correct.

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The dictionary is a feature in your browser. You can add "Magento" locally to it.

  • Oh nice, I wonder how I missed this. Thanks. Commented Sep 27, 2018 at 10:34
  1. Everyone are using the browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE and etc...
  2. These all browsers will includes so many number of the words in dictionary.
  3. Coming to Magento, This word is not included into that. That's the reason, Magento is showing up to us as mistake.
  4. If we write Magneto instead of Magento, That will show that word as correct one.
  5. We have to add that word "Magento" at all of our PC's in the way of Add to Dictionary.

That's It.

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