This may be a silly question, but I've noticed the following in my reputation trend:

-1 54 mins ago downvoted Show wishlist only for logged in users

-1 1 hour ago downvoted Add to wishlist without redirect to wishlist

I don't quite understand why I am losing reputation for downvoting a post which I think is deserving of being downvoted.

Could anybody explain the reasoning behind this? Would appreciate it

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Well... these are the rules. Read this to see how reputation works.

Also this post explains a bit why you get -1 rep when you downvote.

-2 to post owner
-1 to you

This is done to make sure downvotes are cast only when you feel strongly that something is incorrect / wrong / dangerous / of low quality.

And here is an other explanation:

Downvotes are important (very important!) but they are also potentially divisive, so they are just slightly discourage with a minor cost.

The idea is that you will think twice about them and only apply them where they really belong.

'Course, once you have oodles of rep the one point cost doesn't mean much and you can feel free to cast them whenever it seem like a good idea...

I guess these are the rules and we have to play by them.

And just to make it clear...you get -1 rep only when you downvote an answer. Question downvotes are free of charge.

  • Ahhh understood. Thanks Marius, -1 to me for skimming through the rules.
    – Moose
    Commented Apr 4, 2014 at 13:00

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