Various news articles are circulating regarding the Magento-recently being owned by Adobe . What would be the apparent outcomes/consequences for the community/developer/freelancers and software firms , whose sole bread and butter is magento module development, themes, customization etc.

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    I am also really exited to know what will be the up coming changes !! benifits/drawback don't know but what will be still question for us :) May 23, 2018 at 8:28

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Magento will remain same as now.

It will remain as an Open source platform as per Matt Asay who is the Head of Developer Ecosystem for the Adobe.

From below sources, you will get more information regarding Magento future with Adobe.

  1. Check out the tweet of @MattAsay which showers hope.

  2. Check out @Abobe official blog regarding acquiring of Magento.

  3. Article from Mark Lavelle - CEO Magento.

  • I heard somewhere magento2 is not going to provide currency rate API free.is it right? Jun 12, 2018 at 13:01
  • I don't hear this type of any news
    – Amit Bera Mod
    Jun 12, 2018 at 13:23

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