Is it generally prohibited or just considered to be in poor taste? I am pretty sure I've nagged to accept or to close or to self-answer; but I am pretty diplomatic about it so as to prevent from appearing like I'm asking for awarded rep.


How PHP 5.4 support patch for Magento helps?


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Here are my 0.02$.
I see there is a (more or less) general trend to hardly vote on this website. And this is a bad thing ..
This reflects in the badges section:

Question badges Question badges

Answer badges Answer badges

Far less than what I expected after one year of life.

People should be encouraged to vote but....

Begging for upvotes should be prohibited because we can end up with most of the comments looking like "Please upvote me".
I think we should mark this kind of comments for moderator's attention (any opinion from a mod on this?)

We should find an other way of encouraging people to upvote.

Accepting answers
I encourage people with low rep to accept answers because I'm thinking they are new here and don't exactly know how tings work. But I try not overdoing it.

Also from time to time, when I see a user with a lot of questions that have answers and don't accept them, I tell them to work on their acceptance rate.

'beg for votes' - big 'No-No'
'nudge' people to accept answers - small 'yes-yes'

Someone doesn't like my approach? Feel free to challenge it. I'm open for negotiations.

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    My thoughts exactly. Thanks.
    – philwinkle
    Commented Feb 26, 2014 at 16:05
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    +1. Please keep flagging nagging for up-votes. Commented Mar 3, 2014 at 12:04

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