Since questions about Magento 2 are popping up lately, I think we need a way to organize the tags for them.
I don't think a tag is enough. Like @Dan says here

Features in it can change daily, stuff removed, stuff added. It is very likely that questions that would be asked about "How can this be done", "How is this implemented" etc... would have different answers once the full version is released.

and I agree.
If you take a look at versions and you can see huge differences.
Almost any answer for questions pre-dev46 may now have close to 0 value.
I suggest that beside the tag we should also add tags with the versions: .
Waiting for other opinions.

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I'm in favor of the dev* number because it's very clear what version the answer applies to. We should take care to prod the OPs for the version when answering Magento 2 questions.


We should orient on the answers, too.

Some question may be old, and the answers for way newer dev versions, so we should add tags for them to.

Anyway, the -pre-alpha tag should get added to every magento2 question for now

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