I am thinking about making it some kind of habit - after an Magento Enterprise Support ticket was resolved by eBay staff - to post this in QA format here.

  • Question: Problem description
  • Answer (not much more than): "We the patch number EE 12345 from support, tested in in our EE and it works" -> Accept answer

Basically I might have asked on stack exchange before, so of course I do not open a new question and just post the answer.

We might not be able to include the patch and code (see Enterprise Edition Code in Examples) and maybe not cite support staff. But technically I then do not see any problem.

Shall we allow / promote this kind of questions here?

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Outside of some agreement-based restriction, I can't see anything wrong with this approach. I like the idea of having public exposure of support requests, including the ability for others to discuss implementing the patches, outcomes, and issues.

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