What I am suggesting is somewhat like this question on Ask Ubuntu:

What lenses for Unity are available?

We can add the same type of notice to the question (it would be a community wiki, not a question).

The question would be

What free extension are there for Magento?

In my opinion, this would be quite helpful for the community to have some sort repository for a list of extension. Where each extension would be its own answer with a link to download it. This way, in time, the more helpful ones would get more upvotes which would bump them to the top.

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    Thanks for having the foresight to ask this question about your question in Meta ;-)
    – benmarks
    Commented Aug 21, 2013 at 12:46

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This is definitely not ok. There are thousands of Magento extensions out there this would be a mess.

Here you can find even not a complete list of extensions. Doesn't make any sense.


What about:

Q: What free extension are there for Magento?


(basically - but not only links of course)

  1. Link / Explanation about to Magento connect
  2. Link / Explanation about to firegento github composer
  3. Link / Explanation about to github search - string "Magento"

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