This is probably one of the more important question on Magento Stack Exchange:

How to download magento

The top 3 answer appear to no longer be true, at least for Magento 1.9.x.x. Am I mistaken? How should we handle this? Can we edit one or more of existing answers substantially to reflect the changes? Should I ask a new question or would that be a dupe?

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This is a recurring discussion on StackOverflow and the whole StackExchange network and I don't think there is a definite official answer.

Some threads on Meta.SE


  • if obsolete answers can be easily fixed without changing them completely (like replace a dead link), edit the answer
  • otherwise downvote and add a comment to notify the author and other readers (If I am 100% sure that the answer is not useful anymore you could even edit a notice into the answer itself).
  • add a new up-to-date answer if necessary

In case of the linked question How to download magento I already downvoted and commented three of the answers in the past for that very reason. The top voted answer by @FabianBlechschmidt at least works partially: the curl method, not the direct link. So comment and/or edit would be appropiate. If you have a completely different solution, feel free to add a new answer.

And yes, a new question would be a duplicate.

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