What is the purpose of the obsolete flag for comments ? Does that refer to dead links ?

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Good question and after looking for references I would say we should use that flag more often.

From: Is it OK to casually flag comments as obsolete?

After editing the comment is not needed anymore, can it be marked as obsolete?

Answer (higlight added):

That's exactly what the obsolete flag is for. Flag away!

Comments are, by their very nature, transitional. Flagging helps keep them under control and tidied up. Note that if a comment has been flagged multiple times, it'll be auto-removed, so you are not overly burdening the moderators when flagging comments, provided we all do our bit.


  1. Flag comments as obsolete that are not necessary anymore because they have been answered or their information is now edited into question or answer.
  2. Clean up after yourself: For example, if you asked for the Magento version and got an answer, add the appropiate tag to the question and delete your comment.
  • Wow it's actually super useful I didn't think it was for this purpose. Specially when a whole conversation happens in the comments. Cheers Aug 21, 2016 at 15:00

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