I see a rise of questions asking for M2 equivalent of M1 code.

I feel like those questions are asking for too much specially when the OP posts a big block of code.

Should I flag those questions or is that allowed ?

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Why shouldn't they be allowed?
but it depends on the question as always.
If the OP posts the code he wants to "translate" to M2 and the code is not a 10k lines file of custom code, it should definitely be OK.
Also, showing an understanding of what the OP wants "translated" also works.
Here is an example:

"I used to add items to the main menu in M1 using the event page_block_html_topmenu_gethtml_before but It does not work in M2. How can I do that in M2?"

But questions like

the grid system changed in admin from m1 to m2. How can move my m1 code to m2?

are not the best questions.
But you should not flag them. A simple close vote as "too broad" should be enough.
See What should I flag and what I shouldn't flag for more info about flags.

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    I agree. To add to your examples: Questions with a big block of code, a "how can I port this" with no sign of effort and little explanation are not even close-worthy: downvote, comment and move on Aug 17, 2016 at 9:10

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